Wizards of Prestige at Big Indie Pitch!


Last week, I went to PocketGamer's Big Indie Pitch to show off our first build on device. And we got some amazingly positive feedback from the media and other devs out there.

Peter Willington, Rob Hearn, and James Gilmour of PocketGamer took the time out in the morning to interview me and get some early footage of our game. They should have a write-up about it out soon. Here's a funny pic James took of that conversation:

We didn't end up winning the competition, but the PocketGamer folks saw the huge potential in our game despite the rough edges in our prototype.

"How this didn't get into the group of winners I'll never know." - Peter Willington

Overall it was a great event, and I was happy with how well the game was received, even in its incredibly early state. Stay tuned for more exciting news and footage as we build out the game.


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