Preview of Stone Sentinel


What is a Sentinel?

The sentinel in Prestige is your builder. It is an enchanted creature made of boulders that will use mana and resources to magically remove objects and create whatever rooms you desire. It specializes in teleportation and building spells.

See it in action!


When the sentinel is finished charging up his build spell, the walls, floor, and furniture will teleport and fall into place. Once we have that working, we'll show you how that looks too.

We want the creation of a new room or upgrade to be a really momentous and magical event, unlike most simulation games out there.

We've also been working on a tech demo showing many different students and professors walking around the school on their own. Don's been working on the pathing algorithms for a while, but is close to finishing that up. Stay tuned for more cool stuff being added to Prestige.

As always leave a comment! We want to hear what you think, and what you're specifically looking forward to.



Revising Spell Icons

Been working on a revision of the spell icons based on the feedback you guys gave me. Here was the original set of spells:


"Wind" was seen as too "green" and associated with trees/leaves. And "Holy" was too close to "Light" in terms of shape. So I had to shift around the colors a bit and change some of the icons. Here's what I came up with:


As always, let me know your thoughts.



The Enemies of Prestige

A preview of some of the enemies you'll face on the field of magical combat.





Teach Your Wizards Well

Setting Up Training

Training students is easy. Just pick a spell, an available professor, and which students you want to train.


You can also customize your training, by choosing how long you want to train the class. The longer you train them, the more powerful their spells will be. This is determined by how many "Spell Points" each wizard receives during training.


Training will happen in real-time and you can see what spell is being taught in each classroom by looking at the spellboard. Once training ends, you'll be notified with a flag over the classroom. Then you click it to see the results.




They Need Your Help!

The Missions of Prestige

Within the magical realm, there are many towns, covenants, and even wandering rogues that desire your assistance. This is the Mission Board where you'll see all the missions available to you and the rewards you'll receive for successfully completing them.


Each mission shows you the mission type, who it's for, and what monsters/obstacles you'll have to contend with. But what spell to use against each enemy is entirely up to you.

What kind of spell would be useful against a fire imp? What about a poison spider? Over time, you'll gain experience and knowledge on what spells are the best against each enemy. Just make sure you upgrade your spells and have trained your wizards well.

As always, let us know if you have any questions/feedback :)



An Intro to Battling Monsters

The magical realm is full of monsters and creatures that your wizards will have to face-off with. This main Battle Screen is where each of your wizards face them one-on-one in a real-time RPG-like battle.


As their spells charge up, it's your job to choose when they are cast, and consequently how powerful the spell is. You can also help them with out by bringing along equipment/items, like defensive shields, health potions, and even battle pets (familiars).

All loot you find during your battles, can be tapped and gathered in your loot chest. And even if you decide to retreat, you'll still get to keep anything you find.

Have questions/suggestions on the battles in Prestige? Feel free to leave any feedback :)



A View of the School

This is the main view of your wizard academy. Here you can carry out all the responsibilities of the Headmaster: training students, researching spells, building new facilities, buying items at the shop, etc




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