Simultaneous Team Missions!


"Wouldn't it be great if you could have multiple missions going on at the same time?"

This led to a big game design change, from a single battle system where you have to be present throughout, to a multi-mission system where you can occasionally check-in on the mission and help out your wizards if they are struggling.

We also think this fits better with people's daily schedules and would allow for some interesting management decisions and multi-tasking. As you can now train other wizards in spells while others are out on mission.

Not only that, but this new battle mechanic allows for a team of wizards to battle one enemy at a time. Now you can create a perfectly balanced team with various spells that can take on several enemies together.

This also dove-tails with our new relationship mechanics. Teammates in love will have higher attack power. While vicious rivals or estranged lovers, might get a hit in attack level due to the internal team conflict. This means what happens back at the school has implications in the field. (And vice-versa) The death of a wizard could leave a boyfriend/girlfriend back at school heartbroken.

As you can see, the depth and level of interesting decision-making has vastly increased in Wizards of Prestige. This lengthens our development time, but we think it'll be worth it and unlike any other game out there.

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