Detailed Walkthrough of Spriteloq

We've prepared a document that explains how to use all of Spriteloq's features and gives you step-by-step
instructions on how to get your SWF assets into your mobile app.

+ Exporting Flash SWFs

+ Creating Sprite Sheets

+ Loading Sprites into Corona

API Library Documentation

Check out Spriteloq's API Library Docs to learn how to manipulate sprites in Corona.


From Flash to Corona: Creating a Title Screen


This tutorial covers: installation of Flash extensions, exporting assets & layout from Flash,
using Spriteloq to create spritesheets & metadata, the 3 lines of code to load assets into your Corona app.

How to prepare a Flash FLA for Export to Spriteloq

This tutorial goes over how to setup and export
a Flash FLA to produce SWFs to load into Spriteloq.

How to align multiple animations

This tutorial goes over how to align multiple animations
using the "align reference" button in Spriteloq.

Getting Spritesheets into your Corona Application

This tutorial walks you through the steps to get your spritesheets
and metadata into your Corona application with some simple code.

Applying Physics Shapes to your Sprites

This tutorial explains how to apply Physics Shapes to your sprites
so you can add physics and boundaries to objects.